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Department of History is one of the oldest Departments in the University of Jaffna. Department of History has long tradition of producing competent graduates in history equipped with sound knowledge and skills. The Department of History was established when the faculty of Humanities started its functioning on December 2, 1974, when the Jaffna Campus was inaugurated and set up at the Parameswara College premises as one of the excellence unique subjects and it was headed by Professor K.Indrabala.

Under the guidance of Professor K.Indrabala functions of the department were started and the curriculum with course modules were prepared. Professors from University of Peradeniya, and University of Kelaniya had assisted for special degree lecture programs in the beginning. Also Professors from the Department of Tamil and Sanskrit of the Jaffna Campus then the University of Jaffna in 1979 had their contributions to share the interrelated course of studies with the Department of History until 1985. During this period the Department of History had provided two kind of course of directions to the students of History as Ancient history & Archaeology and Modern History.

"The vision of the department of History is to protect and preserve the cultural affinities in which the University is located and persuading the graduates to live with good knowledge of social cohesion and cultural tolerance in local and national level in the country."

of Histry
"The mission of the department of History is to produce the graduates with the good knowledge of history, archaeology and cultural tourism. Provide more opportunities to graduates is to learning environment, understanding, evaluating skills, experiences, appropriate knowledge, develop positive attitude, values and practices."
of Histry

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